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The Digital Leap!

Video of how one boiler manufacturer made the digital leap by partnering with ABB.“The ABB system has allowed us to develop the next generation of boiler control and monitoring, which monitors and improves energy efficiency...

Several technologies were evaluated which resulted in the ABB Freelance system being selected because of its advanced functionality, DCS structure of all-in-one database, compact size, ease of programming and change management, and also cost.

The system was developed by Mr Jason Atkinson of Byworth who said, “The week long ABB training course gave me the underpinning knowledge to commence on an initial six month development program”.

The new Boiler generation created with Freelance offers enhanced control and is also information-rich, which assists all stakeholders in developing key insight into the behaviour of their critical boiler house assets at all times, improving energy efficiency and improving availability.

For more information about ABB Control Systems, click here.

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