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PEGO is a modular accessory mounting system designed to replace a conventional laboratory lattice. The PEGO system is solid, easily repurposed, requires no trades person to install or move and is entirely configurable. The design allows minimal disturbance of air flow inside fume hoods but is still easily removed for cleaning or servicing the fume hoods. Just pick it up and carry it out.


NOx Gas Converters

CG-2 - Gas inlet non heated for "cold gas" conversion. High flow capacity, long operating time, high conversion efficiency - Catalyst cartridge easy to change - without any tools - Operating temperature up to 680°C - Built in a compact 19"-rack housing - Safe handling and easy servicing Application: In many countries clean-air regulations require a continuous measurement of nitrogen oxides NOx, as the sum of nitrogen dioxide NO2 and nitrogen monoxide NO, for combustion processes as soon as the part of NO2 exceeds 5 % of the total NOx emission. Due to the conversion to NO the use of a standard NO-analyser is possible.

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