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Various Petrochemical Gasoline and Diesel FTNIR Analyzers Laboratory & Process System Packages

Diesel and Gasoline Refinary Feedstocks Blending to Produce an Octane on Spec! The ABB lab and process FTNIR spectrometers are analyzers that gives fast and reproducible measurements and the only spectrometer to use a global model that can be transfered from one analyzer to the other. The robust and FTNIR spectrometer construction is the same for the lab and the online analyzer. It measures the hydrocarbons; octanes(RON, MON), volume % aromatics, volume % benzene, volume % olefin, etc.

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Multiwave Photometer Liquid Analyzers

The Multiwave photometer PIR3502 is designed for the IR (infrared) and NIR (near infrared) spectral regions.  The ABB Multiwave photometers provide continuous measurements in complex streams which allow for fast reactions to process changes. The fast analysis provides optimum control of a process and improves its safe operation. Measurements can be made in liquid or vapor streams.

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Reid vapor pressure analyzers

The ABB RVP4500 Series accurately measures Reid Vapor Pressure throughout the gasoline range and its feedstocks. The RVP4500 Series offers a simple, reliable, compact, single cell design that requires minimal operator interface, minimal maintenance and no calibration. It validates every analysis with self-diagnostics.

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Suspended Solids Sensors and Transmitters

Providing accurate and reliable measurement of suspended solids to sites across the world in dairy, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, brewing, pulp & paper, waste water and mining applications.

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Oil in Water Analyzers

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc. is the worldwide leader in the application of field portable, laboratory, and online continuous process monitors for measuring and monitoring hydrocarbons in water. Their monitors are exclusively based in UV and visible fluorescence technology.

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