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Cabinets and Shelters

Stainless Insulated Enclosures

Designed to meet NEMA standards, our enclosures are manufactured by Benchmark, and are designed to meet the requirements of end users in Canadian environments. They are constructed of stainless, are double walled, and insulated. Fully customizable, they are available with a variety of options such as drains, shelves, windows, and lights, etc. They are available in any size to meet user requirements.  

Basic, Classic and Arctic shelters

INTERTEC has developed special fabrication techniques over decades for creating tough and durable cabinets and shelters for harsh operating environments such as oil, gas and chemical processing plants. We typically employ GRP sandwich constructions with inner and outer skins enclosing cores of insulating PU foam. This construction technique combines both strength and rigidity with a high degree of environmental protection.

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