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Everest Automation: A World of Solutions in Process Automation

Everest Automation is an Ontario-based company that provides industrial process automation solutions to Canadian manufacturers from a broad range of industries. Whether your application is for process measurement or emissions monitoring, we provide fully integrated systems for the most difficult applications. Our expertise will be an asset to you and your firm. Core to our values is our approach of working with customers in a spirit of trust and long-term relationships.

Everest Automation understands the challenges industry faces in these fast-paced and ever-changing times. That is why, in addition to our high quality products, we offer excellent support, services and integrated solutions as needed. This will ensure long term sustainability of your business and an efficient use of your own resources.

We will help you to reduce your production costs while maximizing volume and quality. We offer products, services and integration for all your process automation requirements.

Wide range of products and services in automation:

Unrivaled technical and commercial support :

Everest Automation is the best partner for instrumentation and control products and services in Central Canada that you may find. Our offering allows us to support you at all stages of your projects or selected ones as you so choose, dependent on your needs. Our seasoned process automation experts all share the same corporate vision: to provide you the necessary elements for your success in a spirit of long term cooperation and trust.

Everest Automation, a valuable resource ... a reliable partner !

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