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Emergency Shower

Emergency Shower / Eyewash Shelter

Intertec manufactures safety enclosures and shelters for a wide variety of applications and environments. The new product design is a stand alone emergency safety shower system with the following features:

  • Standard sizes 4'x4" x 4'x4" or 4'x4" x 8'x6", other sizes available.
  • R12 or R18 insulation minimizes heat required.
  • Optional heating systems available.
  • Exterior can be ordered to safety specification red or yellow.
  • Interior is bright white for optimal illumination.
  • Double swing saloon doors with stainless steel hinges, second access door available.
  • Top lift or forklift pockets for transport Insulated floor with side or bottom drain.
  • Control system to operate warning lights, horns and alarms.
  • Area classifications to meet General Purpose, Class 1 Div 1, Zone 0,1,2.
  • Mixing systems can be fully self contained, steam, electric or mixed tempered water to meet ANSI Z358
  • Standard Bradley shower and eyewash systems provided: alternates available

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