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Laboratory spectrometers

The ABB MB3000 is the most reliable FT-IR laboratory analyser in the market with the lowest cost of ownership. Combined with the intuitive Horizon MBTM FTIR software, the MB3000 will facilitate acquisition, processing and analysis of samples.

Easy to use and maintenance free, it provides constant analysis results for years to come. The MB3000 offers ease of use, reliability and constant results in order to address the concerns of lab users.

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MAX300-LG High-Performance Laboratory Gas Analyzer

The MAX300-LG, Laboratory Gas Analyzer, packages the analytical capabilities of Extrel's high performance Industrial Mass Spectrometer for the laboratory. This analyzer provides Extrel quadrupole performance in an economical package suitable for climate controlled laboratory environments. Typical applications include: Catalysis Research, Bench Scale Reactors, Process Development, and Pilot Scale Research.

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CALIDUS Ultrafast GC

The CALIDUSTM GC's ultrafast speed boosts throughput and maximizes lab efficiency

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TD-560 Oil in Water Analyzer

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments dual-channel TD-560 Oil in Water Analyzer is suitable for crude and other heavy oils, as well as lighter hydrocarbons, such as BTEX, gas condensates, gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, transformer oils, styrene and phenol. The TD-560 offers a greatly enhanced detection range (low ppb to 5000 ppm) over most oil in water analyzers.


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